2007 CMI C250 “Hurricane” Mulcher with FAE 200/U Head




Edge Equipment is selling a used 2007 CMI C250 Mulcher with approximately 6255.7 equipped with an FAE 200/U mulching head.

A – Overall Length: 243 inches (617 cm)
B – Ground Clearance: 19 inches (48 cm)
C – Overall Height: 112 inches (284 cm)
D – Overall Tractor Width: 89 inches (226 cm)

Champion in its weight class, the C250 Hurricane makes light work of the competition in even the most difficult ground conditions.With its strategically designed overall weight and balance, the C250 is often able to tread where other mulchers cannot. Offered with our newly designed cabin, the C250 offers comfort and ease of operation unequaled in the mulcher industry.