FAE 200S



The FAE 200S is the smallest model in the heavy duty line of forestry tillers, can handle stumps and roots up to a depth of 30 cm/12”. Thanks to its limited weight and wide range of working widths, it can be used on multiple carriers. It is the ideal solution for use in peaty fields. The Side Gear transmission allows the rotor to work consistently at a lower RPM compared to traditional belt drive systems used in other commercially available units. More reliable than the competition, the FAE gear system requires less maintenance for better productivity. The lower rotor RPM and higher torque produces a better final product while reducing tooth wear. The 200/S model is available in working widths up to 2,5 m/101”. Multiple tooth options are available for specific applications.

The standard equipment includes:
• double side gear type transmission,
• hydraulic rear hood,
• 180cc hydraulic motor.

Options: customized attachment plate, possibility to have the rotor equipped with tooth type “G/3”.