The RS5-19 is built to work hard.

  • A rigid frame provides extra stability in the machine’s base.
  • Low boom design increases operator’s visibility.
  • Hydraulic hoses routed inside the boom protect them from jobsite hazards.
  • Reinforced nose on the inner boom provides added strength.
  • Double-wall rear tower provides extra support for increased longevity.
  • Hydraulic self-leveling lift action automatically keeps the load level as the boom is raised.
  • Dana axles are proven in this application.
  • SAHR (Spring-applied, hydraulic-release) parking brake located on the front brakes eliminates the adjustments and cable stretch associated with other telescopic handler models.
  • Inboard wet-disc service brakes with individual bleeders for each brake.
  • Limited slip differential is located on front axle.
  • Highly visible boom level indicator is located on the outer boom and an easy-to-read frame level gauge is located in the cab with angle degrees.
System Pressure (bar) 3,350 psi (231)
Hydraulic System Total Capacity (L/min) 20 gpm (83)

The operator’s cab in the RS5-19 Telescopic Handler is anything but compact. A modern, ergonomic design maximizes comfort.

  • High-back seat with right-side adjustable armrest; suspension seat optional.
  • Storage compartment under seat.
  • Full 360° visibility.
  • Optional air conditioning.
  • Ergonomic design features all gauges, indicator lights and switches on the right-side dash panel
  • ROPS/FOPS canopy standard; ROPS/FOPS cab with heater optional

To enhance maneuverability, the RS5-19 Telescopic Handler has three steering modes. An operator can change between 2-wheel, 4-wheel and crab-type steering by flipping a switch in the operator’s station.

The RS5-19 Telescopic Handler provides the power to get work done effectively and efficiently.

  • Engine shutdown protection feature allows 30-seconds of run time for moving the unit to a safe location for loading or repair.
  • Rexroth 2-speed.
  • Limited-slip differential in the front axle provides additional traction in muddy and unimproved surfaces.
Manufacturer Yanmar
Model 4TNV98C Tier IV
Power (kW) 69 hp (50.1)
Maximum Travel Speed (km/hr) 15 mph (24)
Rated Speed 2,500 rpm

The model RS5-19 makes no exceptions when it comes to hydraulic performance. This machine can take virtually anything.

  • Auto-leveling feature keeps loads level when raising/lowering the boom.
Pump Type Gear
Total Capacity (L/min) 20 gpm (83)
System Pressure (bar) 3,350 psi (231)
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity (L) 18 gal. (68)

The RS5-19 Telescopic Handler has an intelligent design that protects components and provides easy access for routine maintenance.

  • The engine hood lifts fully out of the way, providing easy access to the battery and oil fill.
  • A hinged access door provides easy access to the engine oil drain.
  • Hydraulic oil fill cap is located on the top of the engine compartment for easier access, with a spill guard for extra protection.
  • A protective sleeve over the exhaust pipe increases safety when working on the engine.
  • A dual-element air filter protects the engine from airborne contaminants.
  • Brake fluid level can be checked without tools.