2007 Seppi SUPERFORST Mulching Head




The Seppi SUPERFORST is a professional forestry mulcher for any type of vegetation management.

SUPERFORST is a “high performer” for felling trees, and clearing the ground after the wood harvest or after catastrophes etc. The best partners for professionals. Very strong chassis, for a very long life with counter knives. Fixed hammer rotor with bolt-on-rotor shaft.

Alignment system by SUPERFORST – ADAM™ – Hydraulic tilting of the mulcher by gear tracking with PTO shaft alignment. With the W-shaped angles the range of motion increases and the mulcher can be moved up- and downwards even higher. This angular adjustment protects the PTO shaft and the input shaft even at high loads and supports an ideal adaptation to the conditions of the roads.
Advantages: longer service life of PTO and input-shaft, even deeper digging, working with an hydraulic alignment system is easier and faster.