Available for any brand of skid steer loader. Serious productivity is lost with a skid steer loaders due to lack of traction. The power is there, but skid steers can’t get it to the ground. Precious time is wasted spinning tires rather than working. Have the absolute ultimate.

Try WolfPaws™ with studs. They will simply outperform anything in winter conditions. 

Features Benefits
Width WolfPaws are 6.6″-8.5″ wide, compared to most skid steer loader tiers at 10″-14″. WolfPaws give you nearly double the ground pressure.
Tread Pattern The tread pattern on WolfPaws tires are actually designed for snow and ice, whereas most skid steer tires were never designed for use in snow.
First Use Guarantee Skeptical? If you are unhappy with the performance of WolfPaws after your first use, return them to your dealer for a Full Refund.

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