UTV V Plow



Sno-Way has designed the next small plow with a BIG appetite for snow. Sno-Way has designed a trip edge Vee plow for the UTV market. This is a fully hydraulic 6 foot Vee plow that will handle the riggers of plowing with a UTV. Sno-Way uses the same proven mounting system that we have been using on the straight plow. It goes on and off easily without sacrificing ground clearance. Use our wireless Pro Control II™ and eliminate all of the controls wires coming into the cab. Team up with Sno-Way and keep your UTV working all year.

  • When plow is removed only the mounting system remains under the UTV.
  • Mounting system provides excellent ground clearance and easy on easy off.
  • Integrated swing frame on the blade and reinforced blade structure for long plow life.


Model 6′-0″ V
Blade Width 72″(straight)
67″ (Vee)
61″ (Scoop)
Angle Plow Width 64″
Blade Height 28″
Weight Steel 291lbs.
Cutting Edge 1/4″ x 4-1/2″
Vertical / Diagonal Ribs 6 / 0
Trip Springs 2


  • Tube Steel/Tab-Slot and Lock Construction.
  • Triple coat protection, Zinc Phosphate Rinse, E-Coat Primer, and a Powder Coat Finish.
  • Fast-Force Hydraulic System.
  • Trip edge blade design makes the plow much easier on the UTV frame