V-Maxx™ G2 VX-3200/VX-4200



Featuring capacities of 3.2 and 4.2 cubic yards, respectively, the V-Maxx VX-3200 and VX-4200 high performance hopper spreaders are able to spread any combination of bulk salt and sand. Designed for use with flatbed and dump trucks, these higher capacity spreaders get the bigger jobs done while cutting down on the need to reload.

  • Specifications:

    VX-3200 VX-4200
    Empty Weight 939 lb 994 lb
    Overall Length 108″ 130″
    Overall Height 43″ 45.5″
    Overall Width 54″ 52″
    Bed Length 100″ 104″
    Bed Width 49.5″ 49″
    Hopper Length 107.5″ 118.5″
    Hopper Width 54″ 52″