V-Maxx™ SP-7550



If you’re looking to tackle big jobs with a 3/4-ton fleet, the V-Maxx™ SP-7550 is your spreader. Featuring a 1.5-cubic-yard capacity, the SP-7550 can spread virtually any combination of materials…effectively, reliably and accurately.

Empty Weight 550 lb
Overall Length 89½”
Overall Height 34″
Overall Width 49″
Floor Length 66″
Floor Width 44″
Hopper Length 78″
Hopper Width 49″

The unique SnowEx® independent spinner/auger control allows for both independent spinner speed and an infinitely adjustable ratio between the spinner and auger. This gives you complete control over where material is spread, and how much.

  • Fast and easy spinner assembly removal in just a matter of seconds.
  • Unlike competitive units, no need to unbolt the assembly or remove the entire spreader from the truck bed before being able to tow.
  • Keeps vehicle useful for other functions, and simplifies off-season spreader storage.


  • Patented vibrating baffle configuration maximizes material flow.
  • Direct drive transmission transfers power to the auger efficiently and effectively.
  • Dual variable-speed digital control allows independent adjustment of spread pattern and material flow.
  • Attached vibrator reduces material clumping for continuous material flow.
  • Quick-connect spinner drive assembly provides easy hitch access.
  • A tarp fitted to the spreader’s dimensions protects material from outside weather elements.
  • A top screen effectively retains material while allowing visibility into the hopper.
  • Auxiliary LED brake light and work light offer better equipment visibility in dark or snowy conditions.