V-Maxx™ SP-9300/SP-9500



Get the big jobs done with the high performance SP-9300 and SP-9500 SnowEx® spreaders. With large capacities of 3.2 and 4.2 cubic yards to spread any combination of bulk salt and sand, these spreaders are perfect for large trucks and contractors who want to cut down on extra trips to the yard for reloading.

SP-9300 SP-9500
Empty Weight 939 lb 994 lb
Overall Length 108″ 130″
Overall Height 43″ 45.5″
Overall Width 54″ 52″
Floor Length 100″ 106″
Floor Width 49.5″ 49″
Hopper Length 107½” 118½”
Hopper Width 54″ 52″

Make your SnowEx an even more powerful and efficient de-icing machine by adding a pre-wet system. Pre-wetting salt before it hits the spinner accelerates melting and expedites ice penetration. This means you’ll get the job done faster while using less material, saving time and money in the process.

  • Encourages efficient flow throughout the hopper to the spinner by reducing potential binding and bridging of materials.
  • Compact, independent weather-resistant patented motor transmission.
  • Heavy-duty solid steel construction, providing maximum torque.


  • Users can choose to have the spreaders equipped with an optional pre-wet liquid tank system.
  • Direct drive transmission transfers power to the auger efficiently and effectively.
  • Dual variable-speed control allows independent adjustment of spread pattern and material flow, and features auto reverse.
  • Attached vibrator reduces material clumping for continuous material flow.
  • Patented vibrating baffle configuration maximizes material flow.
  • Auxiliary LED brake light and work light offer better equipment visibility in dark or snowy conditions. Strobe light feature included on the
    SP-9500 only.
  • Quick-connect spinner drive assembly provides easy hitch access.