Wireless Utility



There’s no need to run an electrical harness from the spreader to the cab when using the SnowEx®SR-210 wireless tailgate spreader. Designed to handle bagged rock salt, this plug-and-play unit features a vertical high-flow auger with patented spinner motor for rock solid performance.

Empty Weight 68 lb
Overall Length 22″
Overall Height 32″
Overall Width 30″
Hopper Length 22″
Hopper Width 30″

Ice management has never been easier than with the SR-210 salt spreader. Just install the unit in a 2-inch (51 mm) receiver hitch and connect the 7-pin harness for plug-and-play operation. Then use the pocket-sized wireless key fob with two spinner speeds to control the spreader.

Bagged rock salt requires a specialized material feed system for accurate spreading. The SR-210 comes equipped with a 3-inch (7.6 cm) vertical auger to properly handle the material.


  • A pocket-sized, wireless key fob offers two spinner speed settings for easy operation.
  • Spread bagged rock salt accurately, thanks to the vertical high-flow auger.
  • The spinner motor transmission is completely electric powered. It draws electricity from the vehicle and offers plenty of power to the spreader. Also, it’s protected from the elements by a sealed drive enclosure.
  • The spreaders come standard with a 2-inch (51mm) receiver mount for convenient attachment to a variety of vehicles.